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Technology Meets ...

Professional Flutter Development
Project Management
Automation Services

Trusted Business Experience

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Flutter-Dart Application Development

Create Beautiful Apps

Native Apps for iOS and Android

Material Design + iOS Look & Feel

Secure Server API

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Flutter-Dart Application Development

#1 Develop from Single Code Base

#2 Integration Testing + Approval

#3 Publish:

Mobile Application Development

New: The Beauty and Speed of FLUTTER
° Enterprise Level Development
° Encrypted Communications and Data Security
° UI/UX Prototyping & Responsive Designs
° Cordova to FLUTTER Porting!

Plus: Bluetooth & NB-IoT Device Engineering
° Latest Narrow Band IoT Technologies
° Embedded Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE)
° Low-Cost BLE Single Chip Solutions
° Hardware/Firmware Design

Project Management

° We provide project specific leadership and development when the application of technology is critical path to your business. Services are directed personally by a member of our Senior Partners Council.

See our extensive Client List which highlights of our project experience.

Client List

The Company

° Corporate Automation (CAG) was founded in 1989 by Mark Skovmand and enjoys a proven success record implementing high-impact technology projects, operational remakes, factory and hospital automation, and currently, Flutter based mobile applications for large and small clients.

° CAG’s proven application designs have culminated with Mr. Skovmand’s membership to the Flexible Manufacturing Advisory Board to the President of the United States.